Web Site

Jan 17

New Client Dashboard

A new client dashboard has been added to make access to key account information even easier.

You can also view/print filtered lists of Gift-Aid or Company donations in the last financial year for Self Assessment or Company Accounts submissions.

Dec 16

GlobalSign SSL Certificate

The connection from your browser to ks377.org is now protected by an SSL certificate. This means all data between your browser and the ks377.org website is encrypted.

Apr 16

Website Outage

Our VPS hosting service was inadvertently removed by 123-Reg (the VPS provider) - which has caused a 10-day outage.
As 123-Reg have not been able to restore our site (and thousands of other sites) we have migrated our internet services to a new provider and at the same time upgraded and invested in a dedicated server.

Oct 15

Google Analytics activated

The Google Analytics service has been incorporated into this web site.

Oct 15

VPS Updated

The KS377 web site was loaded onto the VPS

Oct 13

New Web Site

Website rebuild started