Voucher Books

Jan 16

Commission Change - 25p Only

Those clients using Keren Shmuel solely for the purchase of 25p voucher books will now have to pay a higher premium. As of the 1st January 2016 these accounts will be charged at 15.00%.

Therefore, a client purchasing 10 voucher books of 25p vouchers will pay £294.12 for Company, Charity or Non Gift-Aid donations. A client making a Gift-Aid donation will pay £235.29.

Dec 15

25p Voucher Book Order Limit

There is currently a limit in force on ordering 25p voucher books. This means no-one can order more than 5 25p books until a month before Purim.

Nov 15

£1.00 voucher books in stock

A new batch of £1.00 voucher books has mow arrived is in stock.

Jan 13

25p Voucher books

We have recently finished our stock of 25p books and will not be reprinting until closer to Purim.