Frequently Asked Questions - Client Account

No. Client donations cannot be used to pay School Fees. The HMRC has defined "Benefit Rules" and School Fees are considered a benefit.

No. Burial Fees are considered personal benefit and should not be paid from your Keren Shmuel account.

Yes. Shul Fees are not considered personal benefit and clients do set up standing orders directly from their
Keren Shmuel accounts to their respective synagogues.

No. Keren Shmuel is a charity, not a bank.If pre-stamped/cheque vouchers are submitted but cannot be honoured then the voucher will nor be processed unless outstanding tax is due. It can happen that a voucher can actually block other monies so always stay in credit.

No, not yet, this method of donation is currently unavailable.

There are four ways of adding money to your account listed in order of preference:-

  • by inter-bank transfer to our bank account
  • set up a Standing Order (request a form from your bank)
  • send a cheque (not third-party) made payable to Keren Shmuel to the address shown on the contact details page or
  • by cash

Note: Please make sure the transaction is clearly identifiable as to which Keren Shmuel account the monies are to be allocated. It is helpful to e-mail us of the pending transfer.

Follow this link to see the different option for opening an account. Tax refunds will not be reclaimed until completed forms are returned.

Yes. The minimum cheque donation is £5.00. Lesser valued donations can be made using pre-paid or pre-stamped vouchers.

Charities submissions less than £5.00 may incur a handling charge.

  1. the tax deducted on a donation of £100.00 is currently [since 2008] £25.00
  2. you are entitled to donate £100.00+£25.00 i.e. £125.00
  3. 5.00% of £125.00 is £6.25
  4. the account holder is left with £118.75 [£125.00-£6.25]
  5. an effective return of £18.75

Yes.  But normally any donations made are either prior to taxation (in the case of a company) or already gift-aided (in the case of a Charitable Trust). Therefore, tax cannot be reclaimed.  Speak to your accountant for clarification.

Those clients in the higher-rate of tax bracket can reclaim the difference back directly from the HMRC. Speak to your accountant for exact details.

Like a bank account each client's transactions are administered under the context of an account. Monthly statements are provided showing each financial transaction made by the client or on the client's behalf.