Frequently Asked Questions - General

Yes. They are submitted every year to the Charity Commission., Reg Char No: 1058334

Funds have been distributed to over 1800 charities. For a list of:-

Only under very rare circumstances would we consider paying cash in exchange for vouchers. Charities have bank accounts and will be paid by BACS or cheque.

There are several possible ways, namely:-

  • Using a pre-paid, pre-stamped or cheque voucher
  • Request over the phone
  • Request via email
  • Set up a Standing Order (from your Keren Shmuel account) to the charity (for regular donations or for N-payments) or
  • Using facilities on this web site.

No, not yet, this method of donation is currently unavailable.

There are four ways of adding money to your account listed in order of preference:-

  • by inter-bank transfer to our bank account
  • set up a Standing Order (request a form from your bank)
  • send a cheque (not third-party) made payable to Keren Shmuel to the address shown on the contact details page or
  • by cash

Note: Please make sure the transaction is clearly identifiable as to which Keren Shmuel account the monies are to be allocated. It is helpful to e-mail us of the pending transfer.

Click here to view Keren Shmuel's terms and conditions.

Yes. Accounts cannot be opened with less than £50.00.

  1. multiply the figure you wish to reach by 16
  2. and divide the result by 19
  3. 16*£100.00/19=£84.21
  4. you need only deposit £84.21

Keren Shmuel has been operating now for almost twenty years under strict financial controls. As such, you can be assured,  as our many other clients are, that all monies within the account are safe.

No. Keren Shmuel is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (1058334) that runs a voucher scheme and behaves in many respects like a bank, namely:-

  • Accounts are opened
  • Cheque books are provided
  • Regular statements are sent out (email only)
  • Standing Orders can be set up (in to and out off your KS account
  • KS supports a telephony service for phone transactions