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Frequently Asked Question

Yes. They are submitted every year to the Charity Commission., Reg Char No: 1058334

Funds have been distributed to over 1800 charities. For a list of:-

Only under very rare circumstances would we consider paying cash in exchange for vouchers. Charities have bank accounts and will be paid by BACS or cheque.

No. Client donations cannot be used to pay School Fees. The HMRC has defined "Benefit Rules" and School Fees are considered a benefit.

No. Burial Fees are considered personal benefit and should not be paid from your Keren Shmuel account.

Yes. Shul Fees are not considered personal benefit and clients do set up standing orders directly from their
Keren Shmuel accounts to their respective synagogues.

No. Keren Shmuel is a charity, not a bank.If pre-stamped/cheque vouchers are submitted but cannot be honoured then the voucher will nor be processed unless outstanding tax is due. It can happen that a voucher can actually block other monies so always stay in credit.

Pre-paid vouchers are valid indefinitely. Pre-stamped and cheque vouchers that are not dated are also valid indefinitely. Only pre-stamped or cheque vouchers that are dated have a lifetime, which is currently fixed at six months

Some clients add small stickers limiting the validity date to two or three months.

There are several possible ways, namely:-

  • Using a pre-paid, pre-stamped or cheque voucher
  • Request over the phone
  • Request via email
  • Set up a Standing Order (from your Keren Shmuel account) to the charity (for regular donations or for N-payments) or
  • Using facilities on this web site.

No, not yet, this method of donation is currently unavailable.

There are four ways of adding money to your account listed in order of preference:-

  • by inter-bank transfer to our bank account
  • set up a Standing Order (request a form from your bank)
  • send a cheque (not third-party) made payable to Keren Shmuel to the address shown on the contact details page or
  • by cash

Note: Please make sure the transaction is clearly identifiable as to which Keren Shmuel account the monies are to be allocated. It is helpful to e-mail us of the pending transfer.

We deduct an administrative commission from Gift Aids, Non Gift Aids, Company Donations, Charitable Donations and Tax Refunds. The default commission rate is 5.00%.

We do not deduct a handling charges for the recipient charities unless they are requesting payments less than £5.00.

Follow this link to see the different option for opening an account. Tax refunds will not be reclaimed until completed forms are returned.

Click here to view Keren Shmuel's terms and conditions.

Yes. The minimum cheque donation is £5.00. Lesser valued donations can be made using pre-paid or pre-stamped vouchers.

Charities submissions less than £5.00 may incur a handling charge.

Yes. Accounts cannot be opened with less than £50.00.

  1. multiply the figure you wish to reach by 16
  2. and divide the result by 19
  3. 16*£100.00/19=£84.21
  4. you need only deposit £84.21
  1. the tax deducted on a donation of £100.00 is currently [since 2008] £25.00
  2. you are entitled to donate £100.00+£25.00 i.e. £125.00
  3. 5.00% of £125.00 is £6.25
  4. the account holder is left with £118.75 [£125.00-£6.25]
  5. an effective return of £18.75

Yes.  But normally any donations made are either prior to taxation (in the case of a company) or already gift-aided (in the case of a Charitable Trust). Therefore, tax cannot be reclaimed.  Speak to your accountant for clarification.

Those clients in the higher-rate of tax bracket can reclaim the difference back directly from the HMRC. Speak to your accountant for exact details.

Keren Shmuel reclaims the tax deducted from the donor's salary against donations made by account holders. The tax [minus the administrative commission] is added to the donor's account.

Pre-stamped vouchers are cheque vouchers with a fixed value pre-printed on them. There are five standard denominations £2.00, £3.00, £5.00, £10.00 and £18.00. Other denominations will be provided on demand

We will not accept any changes on a pre-stamped voucher. So a £3.00 voucher changed to £300.00 will be paid out at £3.00

A cheque voucher can be of any denomination although cheques less than £5.00 may incur a handling charge (against the submitting charity)

Cheque Vouchers should be dated and signed. The amount is only deducted from the account when the cheque voucher is received back from the charity and if there are sufficient funds to cover the cheque.

A Pre-Paid voucher is printed with a fixed value of 25p, 26p, 50p, 52p or £1.00. Books contain 100 vouchers and come in denominations of £25.00, £26.00, £50.00, £52.00 or £100.00 and the value of the book is deducted from the account when the book is purchased.

Pre-Paid vouchers need not be dated nor signed and Non-Account Holders can also purchase these books (with a small surcharge to cover printing and administration costs).

A voucher is a form of currency used by Keren Shmuel's account holders to make donations to bone-fide charities. There are three types of vouchers:-

  • Pre-Paid Vouchers and
  • Cheque Vouchers and
  • Pre-stampe Vouchers

A gift-aidable donation is a donation [made to a bone-fide charity] that has had tax deducted from it. This tax can be reclaimed and used as an additional source of income for account holders to distribute to charities.

If you give donations to charities and have paid tax on that income and you do not claim gift-aid back then you are throwing away 25p for every £1.00 donated.

Like a bank account each client's transactions are administered under the context of an account. Monthly statements are provided showing each financial transaction made by the client or on the client's behalf.

Keren Shmuel has been operating now for almost twenty years under strict financial controls. As such, you can be assured,  as our many other clients are, that all monies within the account are safe.

If you are a tax-payer and you make charitable donations then  Keren Shmuel can help you give more

As a UK tax payer, donations you have made to us have already beem taxed by HMRC and you are entitled to donate that tax that was deducted from your salary.  We can reclaim that tax for you.

Companies and Charitable Trusts can also benefit (but no Gift Aid will be reclaimed).

No. Keren Shmuel is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (1058334) that runs a voucher scheme and behaves in many respects like a bank, namely:-

  • Accounts are opened
  • Cheque books are provided
  • Regular statements are sent out (email only)
  • Standing Orders can be set up (in to and out off your KS account
  • KS supports a telephony service for phone transactions