Frequently Asked Questions - Tax Refund

We deduct an administrative commission from Gift Aids, Non Gift Aids, Company Donations, Charitable Donations and Tax Refunds. The default commission rate is 5.00%.

We do not deduct a handling charges for the recipient charities unless they are requesting payments less than £5.00.

Follow this link to see the different option for opening an account. Tax refunds will not be reclaimed until completed forms are returned.

  1. the tax deducted on a donation of £100.00 is currently [since 2008] £25.00
  2. you are entitled to donate £100.00+£25.00 i.e. £125.00
  3. 5.00% of £125.00 is £6.25
  4. the account holder is left with £118.75 [£125.00-£6.25]
  5. an effective return of £18.75

Yes.  But normally any donations made are either prior to taxation (in the case of a company) or already gift-aided (in the case of a Charitable Trust). Therefore, tax cannot be reclaimed.  Speak to your accountant for clarification.

Those clients in the higher-rate of tax bracket can reclaim the difference back directly from the HMRC. Speak to your accountant for exact details.

Keren Shmuel reclaims the tax deducted from the donor's salary against donations made by account holders. The tax [minus the administrative commission] is added to the donor's account.

If you are a tax-payer and you make charitable donations then  Keren Shmuel can help you give more

As a UK tax payer, donations you have made to us have already beem taxed by HMRC and you are entitled to donate that tax that was deducted from your salary.  We can reclaim that tax for you.

Companies and Charitable Trusts can also benefit (but no Gift Aid will be reclaimed).