Frequently Asked Questions - Voucher

Pre-paid vouchers are valid indefinitely. Pre-stamped and cheque vouchers that are not dated are also valid indefinitely. Only pre-stamped or cheque vouchers that are dated have a lifetime, which is currently fixed at six months

Some clients add small stickers limiting the validity date to two or three months.

Yes. The minimum cheque donation is £5.00. Lesser valued donations can be made using pre-paid or pre-stamped vouchers.

Charities submissions less than £5.00 may incur a handling charge.

Pre-stamped vouchers are cheque vouchers with a fixed value pre-printed on them. There are five standard denominations £2.00, £3.00, £5.00, £10.00 and £18.00. Other denominations will be provided on demand

We will not accept any changes on a pre-stamped voucher. So a £3.00 voucher changed to £300.00 will be paid out at £3.00

A cheque voucher can be of any denomination although cheques less than £5.00 may incur a handling charge (against the submitting charity)

Cheque Vouchers should be dated and signed. The amount is only deducted from the account when the cheque voucher is received back from the charity and if there are sufficient funds to cover the cheque.

A Pre-Paid voucher is printed with a fixed value of 25p, 26p, 50p, 52p or £1.00. Books contain 100 vouchers and come in denominations of £25.00, £26.00, £50.00, £52.00 or £100.00 and the value of the book is deducted from the account when the book is purchased.

Pre-Paid vouchers need not be dated nor signed and Non-Account Holders can also purchase these books (with a small surcharge to cover printing and administration costs).

A voucher is a form of currency used by Keren Shmuel's account holders to make donations to bone-fide charities. There are three types of vouchers:-

  • Pre-Paid Vouchers and
  • Cheque Vouchers and
  • Pre-stampe Vouchers